BYOjet Changes and Cancellations

Many economy and discount fares are not refundable. Most airlines allow changes, including name and date, subject to a fee or give partial refunds. These fees vary from airline and fare type. In almost all cases the airline and BYOjet will both charge fees to amend or cancel any booking.

If you would like the fare rules for a specific flight or airline please request this from us prior to booking by phoning 1300 BYOJET during business hours or e-mail Please include as much information as possible e.g name, airline, flight number, date, from where to where and quoted online fare.

BYOjet Change or Cancellation Fees all changes including but not limited to, Flight, Date, Itinerary or Passenger Name change or Cancellation before ticketing will incur a minimum $140 per passenger will apply plus any airline fees or fare difference. All changes should be requested online using the Change My Booking option on the main page. No change or charge will be made unless requested in writing online or by e-mail from you until after you confirm the change by replying to our e-mail with acceptance.

Refunds. If a refund is requested BYOjet will apply to the airline for this refund on your behalf. All BYOjet charges including any credit card processing fees and airline commissions are not refundable. The amount of refund to you will be the actual amount we receive from the airline, less our fees as described above. This will be refunded to your credit card or PayPal account. If you paid by Poli or Debit card please advise us and supply your bank details. Please note some debit cards cannot be refunded. We cannot be held responsible for a refund made to a debit card that does not support refunds, if you have not advised us. Any estimate we may give you, as to the actual amount of refund you will get and how long it will take, is our best assessment and not guaranteed till the actual refund is received by us from the airline.

Please also see general Terms and Conditions.

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Flight Booking fees apply: No BYOjet booking fee on most Australian departing flights except low cost carrier where booking fees range between $18.95 and $39.95. Non Australian originating flights will incur a $25 fee. Additional service fees apply to some airlines these are displayed during the booking process.
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